Terms and Conditions

Postage & Returns

  • Postage costs are the responsibility of the customer both sending in & return.
  • Any freight lost or damaged in transit is not the responsibility of OzLcd.
  • If incorrect return postage address is provided with your order, OzLcd is not responsible for any additional postage fees applicable for resending of your order.
  • Please make sure that your order is well packaged to prevent damage during transit as it will also be used for return post plus any additional packaging provided by us that may be required. All freight returned will be sent via registered post or courier services.
  • Postage arrangements for sending in are up to you but we do recommend an insured registered method of postage or courier service for your security & peace of mind.
  • Once your order is complete and ready for shipment we will notify you via Email or phone. Once payment has been received items will be sent out within 3 working days via courier or registered post.
  • All warranty claims posted in will be the responsibility of the owner and return postage costs will be payable by us.


Each LCD refurbished by us uses the highest quality materials and will be warranted for a period of 12 months against any defects to workmanship or faults that may occur. Such defects are as follows:

  • Forming bubbles in display
  • Dust or lint trapped within display
  • Delamination of glass from LCD or any imperfections in the glass
  • Non-working or faulty LCD backlight if supplied by us
  • Faulty or non responsive touch digitizer
  • Faulty LCD display
  • Dead pixels

Cracked, broken or malfunctioning LCD screens due to physical damage or cracked/broken glass lenses or If the warranty sticker is found to be tampered with or the screen mistreated in any way other than what is considered normal use will be deemed warranty voided and product will be returned in “as is” condition back to the customer.

When sending in for warranty claim please provide a copy of the invoice with the product.

Payment Terms & Conditions

Once you have been been notified your order is ready for shipment, full payment is required to be completed within 30 days.

Failure to comply will result in your order being withdrawn and product disposed of or recovered by OzLcd to cover costs incurred.


For high volume customers there is a tiered pricing system available for large orders. The prices on our Order Page are set costs, but discounts up to 10% off the cost price will be available for return customers with orders of 100 screens per month or over.

This will accrue over a 6 month continued period up to the maximum discount limit and will remain at top tier. Once top tier has been reached in order to keep receiving our maximum discount a continued order of 100 or more screens would have to be submitted every 2 months.

If this term cannot be met you will lose 1 tier every 2 months consecutively.